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Gold Plating of Dhwaja Stambam

13-July-2011 -  Kumbabhisheka of Gold plated Dhwajastambam

A long term dream of Vijanapura Ayyappan Devotees was full filled on 13-July-2012.
Kumbabhisheka of Gold plated Dhwajastambam was done by Our Thanthri Shri.Kantaru Rajeevaru, (Heridatory High Priest Of Sabarimala).

The total estimated cost of this venture is about 1 crore rupees and we are thankful to the devotees who have donated for this noble task.


Mandala Pooja Mahotsavan Souvenir 2010-11

Our Temple is doing Yeoman service to the devotees of Lord Sree Ayyapam.
We are celebrating the Mandala Pooja Ulsavam celebration with traditional poojas and variety of programmes.

We have been a helping hand to the devotees who are going to the holy Shrine Sabarimala with deepest devotion and Vritha to have darsan of Lord Sree Dharma Sastha.

The Temple had grown up to this stature by the liberal contribution of all well wishers& devotees like you. We look forward for more and more support and contributions towards the future developments of our Temple.

In connections with 31st year of our Temple after Panjaloha idol installation & this year’s Mandala Pooja celebrations/Ulsavam,

we had releasd a colourful Mandala Pooja Mahotsavam souvenir 2010-11 with details of various poojas and devotional programs during the ulsavam period and more information of Lord Sree Ayyapan to our devotees.

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