Kettunira / Irrumudi

 Ayyappa Pilgrims who go to Sabarimala for the monthly poojas can get the facility to do the Kettunira-Irrumudi in our temple.

Yearly Programs starts from January to December

1) Makara vilakku Mahotsavam: 
Special Ghee Abhishekam at 10:30 AM is the specialty of this day in our temple,
Deeparadhana is with Gold Thiruvabharanam for Lord Ayyappa.

2) Maha Shivarathri: Special Bhajans throughout the night. Special Abhishekam on every Yama’s.  Tender coconut [Elaneer] Abhishekam on this night is highly good for kudumbha aiswaryam.

3) Vishu: Temple used to keep the Vishukanni and the Poojari will give vishukaineetam for all the devotees who come to the temple for darshan of Lord Ayyappa.

4) Bhagavatha sapthaham/Prathista day: Celebration-June/July.

5) Ramayanamasam Acharanam: Ramayana Parayanam on all the days of Malayalam masam karkkitakam[Ramayana masam] in the temple.

6) Ashtami Rohini: In the Month of Malayalam Chingam masam [September].

7) Ganesh Chaturthi: August/September.

8) Navaratri: Month of September/October. Temple celebrates nine days with special alangarams.

  1. Special devotional programs of classical dance/classical music are staged in the temple auditorium during these 9 days.
  2. Vidyarambham will be conducted on the Vijayadashami day. Temple priest will do the Vidyarambham on the children. There will be breakfast in the morning of Vidyarambham day for all the devotees.

9) Mandala Pooja: Starting Malayalam month of Vrichikam 1st till Makaravilakku day.

  1. Special Vrichika chirappu will be conducted.
  2. Annadanam will be conducted on all days in the morning [breakfast] and night. Devotees can sponsor the breakfast and night Annadanam.
  3. Annadanam will be conducted in the noon also during the Utsavam days.

10) There will be Mass Annadanam on 25th of December noon. Thousands of devotees used to participate in this.

11) Devotees can contribute in cash or kind for this Mass Annadanam.

12) Special Bhajans, Devotional programs, Classical dances, Devotional music and Prabhashanam will also be conducted during this Mandala mahotsavam days.
Lots of devotees come and participate in all these poojas and programs.